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About Children Striving Together

Our Mission

Our mission is to support at-promise youth and children in L.A. and Orange Counties by offering a variety of activities and events that foster their growth as individuals. We provide programs based on children’s interests, including art, sports, music, dance, volunteer opportunities, high school and college prep workshops, and more.


CST members have access to a diverse experience that combines fun, skill building, community, and personal development. Our programs grow and evolve based on the needs and interests of our local youth and provide a safe outlet for them to explore their talents.

Our Impact

We realized the youth in our community needed more positive outlets, so we made it our mission to help. CST is made up of people from the very community we serve, so it gives us first hand insight into exactly what our kids need.


One of our main goals is to teach children that their struggles and obstacles don’t determine their lives; they can always overcome adversity with help and hard work. Our members leave CST with leadership and social skills, academic improvement, and a built-in community they can rely on. Our main focus is to offer our youth the life skills that will positively shape their futures.

Our Future

The future of CST is bright. Our initial goal was to impact the world starting with our community and we’re now well on our way. We hope to eventually have youth centers around the world, offering greater academic support, activities and events catered to their specific communities, and a chance to add value to the lives of youth everywhere.

Children Striving Together’s founder, Christi McDaniel poses powerfully during a photoshoot.

Our Story

Founder Christi McDaniel knows the hardships of not having the “perfect family.” But despite feeling like something was missing from her life, she always wore a brave face as a reassurance for her younger sisters. This, along with a lifelong desire to help others, brought Christi into the world of volunteering with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters L.A., Aviva, and Athens Baptist Church, where she served as a Youth Ministry Director for two years.


In March of 2013, Christi established Children Striving Together, a nonprofit dedicated to offering guidance and support to youth despite challenges at home and in their family lives. CST’s mission is to “bring something special and significant to each and every child's life.” The mantra, Helping Youth Thrive, is upheld every day by CST’s team, now over 150 members-strong.


Today, Christi continues to positively influence others and effortlessly brings forth leaders that devote their lives to helping vulnerable youth succeed. She resides in Compton, CA, working full-time as the CEO of Children Striving Together, and enjoys spending time with her family, reading, eating, and making lasting friendships.

Meet The Team

Profile Pic.jpg

Calvin Hoang


Scherine MBA Grad_-20.jpg

Scherine Dahoue


Meet the Team
Founder and CEO, Christi McDaniel, smiles for a photo during the meet the team photoshoot.

Christi McDaniel

Founder & CEO

President of Children Striving Together, Dominique Tyler,  poses for the meet the team photoshoot.

Dominique Tyler


Secretary, Brianna Davis, smiles for her solo picture at the meet the team photoshoot.

Brianna Davis


Volunteer Coordinator, Daphne Warren, poses for her headshot at the meet the team photoshoot.

Daphne Warren

Volunteer Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator, Shire Lyon, smiles for her headshot.

Shire Lyon

Marketing Coordinator and Board Member

Youth Intern, Yesenia Hernandez,  smiles for her solo picture at the meet the team photoshoot.

Yesenia Hernandez

Youth Intern

Mentor Coordinator, Richard Gatewood, poses for his headshot.

Richard Gatewood

Mentor Coordinator


Meghan Meier


Interested in becoming a volunteer or mentor? Apply now.

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