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Meet Our
Founder & CEO,
Christi McDaniel

A Forbes article written in 2013 provided a succinct and accurate definition on what leadership is:


“Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”


Children Striving Togethers’ Founder and CEO, Christi McDaniel, embodies the characteristics of a great leader.


Raised by her grandparents and aunt, Christi knows the hardships of not having the “perfect family” all too well. Despite always feeling like something was missing from her life, Christi concealed her feelings and wore a brave face to assure her younger sisters that eventually things would be fine for them.


The grace and hope that she exuded to others fueled her to keep going on her own journey. Always willing to help others, Christi has volunteered her time with many organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters-LA, Aviva, and Athens Baptist Church where she served as a Youth Ministry Director for two years.


In March of 2013, Christi decided that it was time to move forward with her vision and Children Striving Together was established. “Our youth need the guidance and support to know that with or without the perfect family, CST will make a way to bring something special and significant to each and every child's life.”


Today Christi continues to positively influence others by “maximizing the efforts,” of those around her. She effortlessly brings forth leaders that devote their lives to, “Helping our youth thrive!”


Christi resides in Compton, CA, and works full time as the CEO of Children Striving Together. She enjoys spending time with her family that she loves dearly, reading, eating, and making lasting friendships. 

Has Children Striving Together changed your life or the life of someone you love? Tell us about it!

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